1. The Awkward One

Some men are just like closed books – you never know what’s on their mind, they never start a conversation, they never laugh at your joke, they never interact with others that much and do not make any attempts to pretend that they respond in any way to what you are saying. It does not mean they are bad or they do not like your company, but their way of reacting to what you say or do may be too irritating. Some guys are socially awkward. Its not to say they are bad. But with them, it is going to be a bit of a difficult path. As long as you are ready to walk the difficult path, you will be okay. But yes, you cannot be happy with an emotionally deaf man.

Hope this gave you a better understanding of what kind of men that you need to avoid. Selecting a life partner is a tricky decision and you must make sure that you are taking all the right steps in ensuring that you end up with the right guy.

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