Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that Ramadan, Islam’s most important religious festival, be canceled and reported to next year or even 2022 in fear that it could accelerate the propagation of the coronavirus.

Netanyahu also put a ban on the practice of praying towards Mecca after Israeli scientists raised the alarm this week that the coronavirus could spread through air and winds coming from Saudi Arabia and the Mecca region.

Israeli police are to begin visiting homes to enforce the government’s new rules, warning that “recklessly” failing to comply could result in a 1-million shekels fine and three years in prison.

“If Allah exists, he will probably be there tomorrow, but members of the Muslim community who contract the coronavirus might not,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on national television.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited members of the Muslim community to indulge in other activities instead of the rituals of the Ramadan during confinement such as yoga, playing video games and even drinking alcohol to help them respect the news rules.

“Drinking alcohol, playing video games, practicing yoga and having sex are totally acceptable activities to keep your minds off of Allah during these difficult times,” the Prime Minister suggested.

The Prime Minister also warned that the practice of praying by itself could help spread the virus in various ways.

“Praying on the floor is a very poor hygienic practice. You get dirty hands and knees. What if someone infected with the virus spits on the floor and you put your head in it, would Allah be proud of you? I think not!” he added.

Netanyahu also suggested half-jokingly that members of the community who felt the urge to kneel on their knees should do it in bed and with their wives during sexual intercourse instead of on the floor, whilst praying to Allah.

One journalist asked the Prime Minister if the new measures could be permanent but the Prime Minister was not willing to comment at the moment saying that “anything is possible for now.”


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