According to a new study published in The Journal of King Saud University, a research team has identified the gene responsible not only for homosexuality but also for pedophilia.

The analysis which examined the genomes of nearly 20,000 homosexuals and convicted pedophiles in more than four countries, Spain, Italy, France, and Greece, found that genetics are certainly involved in such tendencies.

The study’s aim was to examine why homosexuals and pedophiles are so numerous and prevalent in western countries and are so little represented in the population of the Arabic Peninsula.

The study also shows that the newly identified gene Xq28-B could be altered and modified to prevent such diseases to occur in the child fetus.

“This new study is very promising for the eradication of these diseases that are crippling Western societies and are inexistent in the Arabic world,” explained Dr. Ahmed Hamah at King Saud University.

Geneticist Dr. Ahmed Hamah believes that through the identification of the gene responsible for homosexuality and pedophilia, these abnormalities or diseases could be eradicated by the year 2030 if prioritized as a world health problem by international organizations.

“We are very close to developing a vaccine, which when inoculated during pregnancy, will help the fetus develop in a healthy fashion and eradicate any abnormal or deviant traits associated with these diseases,” Dr. Ahmed Hamah confirmed during a press conference.

China, Iran, and Turkey have also shown great interest in the novel vaccine that could be produced in mass only in a few years believe experts.

“If homosexuality and pedophilia could be eradicated in Western countries, with the help of Allah, Islam will spread across the world like wildfire” Qatari religious leader, Imam Hussein Ali Hassan publicly commented on national television when learning of the study.

King Saud University was highly criticized last year for producing a controversial study that attempted to show how the Caucasian hominid species may not have evolved from monkeys but instead from a common ancestor of pigs, the Eurasian wild boar.


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